Refund Policy

Refund Policy Medicines digital procurement is a blessing for the consumer if the company has made an effort to do so according to the customer’s requirement. A similar philosophy is what has motivated’s thinking process and encouraged it to develop an app that makes purchasing drugs from the website simple for customers. The company’s refund policy is an extension of a similar idea and is designed to fit the needs of the consumer.

Specifications for refund generation The website would like to be aware of specific parameters if you have applied for a refund against a particular product.

Duration of refunds

Within 1-2 business days, all refunds are generated. You can check your bank account for any amount credited to your account or request reimbursement through PayPal. PayPal is a specific gateway for payment that makes it easy to get refunds. Which mode you choose to receive a return, be sure to wait for a couple of days and the website will submit the amount on a guaranteed basis.
Therefore, the company’s refund policy is fully in line with the company’s priorities and policies, allowing its consumers to relax and buy drugs anytime and anywhere.