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Diseases and disorders are hard to avoid for a very long time. Most people, at some of the other point in their life, fall prey to some of the other physical, mental, emotional, and psychological problem which affects their comfort and peace of life. In this respect, insomnia is one of the blaring issues that can be seen commonly in adults, teenagers, older adults, and even small children.

Insomnia is a type of sleep-related disorder which hampers with the sleeping schedule of the person and can gradually rob him of his comfort and health. The root cause of the problem is still ambiguous, but most experts at sleep clinics often attribute insomnia to improper routine and undisciplined life.

It is because of this reason that it becomes essential to treat the problem and cure it timely. Well, if you are on the lookout for a reliable oral treatment for insomnia, you must have heard about the medicine named Ambien or zolpidem, which is one of the safest treatments for the condition. So, if you intend to buy Ambien online, look no far for the article shall give you detailed insights into the effect and dosage of the medicine.

Does the dosage of Ambien differ for different sexes?

One of the most common questions haunting the minds of new users of Ambien is whether the dosage of the medicine differs as per the sex of the person. Have men prescribed a low dose of Ambien than the women, or is it the opposite. Well, to begin with, Ambien is the last resort for the treatment of insomnia because even the most qualified of the experts will ask the patient to try out therapies and exercises before becoming dependent on medicine for something as natural as sleep.

The drug, when prescribed, does not exceed a maximum duration of a few weeks. It is because of this reason that the dose of the medicine must be chosen quite carefully because taking the drug in more than the prescribed amount can cause the person to become an addict and making it less than the required amount might not be effective at all. 

Always begin with the lowest possible dose of the medicine, which is 5 mg for females and 10 mg for males. The medication must be taken a right before the bedtime and before popping the pill, you must make sure that you have at least 7-8 hours to sleep. 

Why are women recommended a lower dosage of the medicine than the men?

One of the significant questions that come into the minds of the people is why women are recommended a lower dose of medicine than the men? Well, the answer lies in the clearance time of the drug, which is different for both the genders. In women, the zolpidem clearance level is lesser as compared to men, and it is because of this reason that if you are a woman, you must buy Ambien online in a smaller quantity and dose. 

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